Dinner Out: WaterSky Bristol

HomerAll You Can Eat. Words that make me feel look a little like Homer Simpson.

I am not usually an All You Can Eat girl. I like small plates of food made with love and skill. I like well sourced ingredients, careful but imaginative flavour combinations. I like stuff that gets made when I order it, not an hour before. I am not all that interested in cheap, I am interested in good. I am very interested in good and cheap, but thats not a mix usually found in All You Can Eat restaurants. However, I am always, always interested in Chinese food. Sadly, when it comes to a chinese meal with my maternal family, just so happens for my birthday on this occasion, we’re not going for Dim Sum, we’re not going for regional chinese, we’re not going to Alan Yau, we’re not going for even linen tablecloths and good plates. We’re going for cheap and cheerful.

Mmmmhh,  Chinese Food. All You Can Eat, Homie?  Mmmmhh, Chinese Food. Interestingly my mother didn’t get my Homer Simpson reference when I made it at the table. Why? Because she (very proudly) tells me that shes never seen The Simpsons. Why, I ask? Well, she says, slowly like shes explaining an obvious point to someone a bit slow, its a cartoon. Huh? 201

Luckily, WaterSky isn’t terrible. There is no buffet, no deep troughs of deep fried food being kept warm while a queue of people get ready to load too small plates up with an unedifying mix of foods hard to identify. There is a menu here, you order what you want, and they go and make it freshly for you. There are 65 possible dishes in all, the usual suspects; appetisers (prawn toasts, wonton, ribs (several versions) some delicious salt & pepper squid, chicken wings.. you know), crispy lamb and crispy duck, mains – again, the ones you would expect, barbecued pork; lemon chicken; beef and cashew; prawn, ginger & spring onions and then rice and noodles. Its all perfectly edible – appetisers and duck are better than mains, but its all ok. For £16.00 or whatever it was, it was fine.  I guess it’ s  main  drawbacks are its staff, usually polite but forgetful and often difficult to locate. The drinks list is pretty limited – Fosters the only beer on draught – I mean, Fosters. A short, but fairly cheap winelist and tap water at 50p a glass.



2 Responses to Dinner Out: WaterSky Bristol

  1. Eddie says:

    Can’t believe you went to water sky and ate the eat as much as you can menu… they have an amazing (and authentic) £6 menu, where each dish is £6 (duh!). have the braised lamb, ginger kai lan, fish & broccoli stir fry, and aubergine hot pot. 50p tap water seems a bit ridiculous – I’m not sure I’ve every seen that on the bill…

    • Greedy Rosie says:

      Well, Eddie, I see your point.
      But look, it was sunday lunchtime. We didn’t get offered any other menu when we went in and when Mr Greedy and I indicated that we might have dim sum instead of the all you can eat like the rest of my family, they took the dim sum menus away. Maybe they thought we were a bunch of stupid gweilo, but it seemed to me like they were pushing the all you can eat. No other basis I could review it on really!

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