Dinner Out: The George Inn, Cambridge, Gloucestershire

Second in a series of mediocre meals with my family. Oh to go for a meal lately that I can say nice things about.

So, we went to Slimbridge today. Slimbridge is a nice place, and we had a lovely morning out as a family. Lots of birds. And its conveniently around the corner from The George Inn at Cambridge. A pub that was recommended to us by my parents. Please believe me, reader, we will be heeding no further such recommendations.

I always feel sightly nervous when I go to a pub or restaurant and there are lots of signs outside – 2 meals for £6.95, Steak  & Strawberries £8.95 etc. Fine dining establishments never do this. Pubs with a lot of return trade or word of mouth recommendations shouldn’t need to do this. But you know, one day I’ll be wrong about these signs. One day I will have a wonderful and good value dining experience in a pub that has all this outside of it. Its just never happened yet.

Inside was fairly standard country pub – it was busy too, which is always a good sign. Standard collection of brass pans lining the wall. Really shiny brass actually, you get the impression they look after their tat really well. Either that or it’s really new tat. And lamps too. No obvious link unless.. unless they were meant to represent heating because it was pretty hot and stuffy in there. I could see open windows, but I think aircon is really the way to go. Too hot, I know it’s summer, I know its the countryside but is also 2009. There must be a way to make it more comfortable. Maybe the heat is  to encourage people to drink more? Staff were standard smiley and available. Menus on the table, and because it was Sunday, standard roasts on the blackboard. Cheap too, at £7.95 for adults and £4.95 for kids. But your choices were pork or beef. On the standard menu, it was very standard pub grub. Fish and chips, Steak and Ale Pie, Steak, Mixed Grills, you know. Standard.

So we had Steak and Ale Pie, Chicken Stuffed with Pate, Minted Lamb Chops, a Beef Roast and a child’s Pork Roast. And a side of Onion Rings. The onion rings were fine – although clearly straight from the freezer. The Lamb Chops were apparently delicious. According to Greedy Boy, the child’s Pork was ‘nice’. The chicken was nice. The roast beef was overcooked. The steak & ale pie was the saltiest meal I have had – possibly ever. Maybe saltier than a pie made with cheap salted peanuts, ready salted crisps and extra salt. On the upside, the meat was tender, and the pastry was short. But my god. Salt. I can’t fault their generosity with the attendant vegetables or chips for us all. Which were ok.

But where it went badly wrong was at dessert. You ask: Given your main was so bad, GreedyRosie, why did you have dessert? Well, the clue is in the question, reader, pure greed. Greedy Boy was always going to have dessert – he had his eye on the Chocolate Fudge Cake from just about the minute we walked through the doors. And I, I saw Sticky Toffee Pudding on the menu and I was just.. I just had a stupid Homer Simpson moment I guess. I know. All my own fault. It was bready, not particularly sticky or dark, and came with squirty cream. The boy obviously loved his chocolate cake. Greedymother was told at the point of delivering the desserts that her cherry pie had run out and would she like something else (you couldn’t ask us 5 minutes ago?), the knickerbocker glory was a triumph of cheap tasting ice cream,a slice or two of canned peach and some jelly. And the ubiquitous squirty cream. But the worst thing, the very worst thing was the cherry cheesecake. Greedysister had ordered it because she assumed it was the safe option – cheesecake with cherry sauce, yeah? No. Cheesecake with pink cheese. Greedysister didn’t eat it, proclaiming it was ‘not very nice’. Now, you don’t know GreedySister like I do, but let me reassure you, something has to be a deal worse than ‘not very nice’ for her to not eat it. Already regretting my stupidity, I decided to try a bit.  Now,  I have had some bad puddings in my lifetime – and I’m including a dessert served with cream that had gone off in the list – but this. The pink stuff. Didnt taste like cherries, or berries, or dessert, or even pink. It tasted like a sorry cross between pepto-bismol and generic chemicals. And even though, I would have given this place 2 out of 5 at this point, those 2 stars just flew out of the window for serving something just so horrible.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2 Responses to Dinner Out: The George Inn, Cambridge, Gloucestershire

  1. Marc says:

    Went to the George yesterday with my family of 18,

    there was half an hour between bringing out the first plate and the last plate, we all had roasts and they put some veg on the seperatly on the table, they also managed to drop the plate of cauliflower cheese and spill that over a member of our party.

    by time all the food was out the first plates were cold.

    we then moved on to deserts.

    It was a lottery on who had warm desserts and who had cold ones, they must prepare the deserts up before had and micrwave them as required as some of our party had cold deserts and cold custard whilst others had warm custard, note i never said HOT!

    i forgot to mention that when we had our main courses we were not offered an sauces, apple sauce and horseradish is standard is it not?

    For such poor service and all the problems we would have liked to had seen some gesture from the management but no such joy.

    we spent arround £300 there and we wont be going back.

    Avoid this pub!

  2. Greedy Rosie says:

    Oh, dear. Sorry to see it hasn’t improved!

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