The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain

Hairy Bikers, whats not to love?
hairy bikers

There is a veritable rash of new food programmes out at this time of year. Jamie’s America, Mastershout, Rick Stein’s Far East, Levi Root’s Caribbean, Housekeeping for Dummies. Even the lovely James Martin is back for Saturday Kitchen. There’s the (very camp) Dolce Vito on Channel 4, as well as a new series of Come Dine with Me. For the food watcher, life is good. You know what though? Its no coincidence. Just as surely as the X-factor winner will release a single on Christmas week, all across the land, people will be piling their Amazon baskets full of Jamie’s, Hugh’s and Levi’s. That’s no bad thing of course.Its good for people who read cookbooks, write cookbooks and publish cookbooks. And if you would be so kind as to click any of my links when you want to buy them, really good for me too. But do you remember a time when you could watch a TV programme, and you could tell from watching it, just how to make it? Seems to me before Nigella came along and was hopelessly, but very sexily, vague about exact quantities, timings and temperatures that you could just write stuff down from the programme. Or maybe its just my cynicism. I think things are a little better at the moment- some of the recipes to be found on these shows can be found on the BBC website. But bloody hell, sometimes I would like to make those biscuits without having to buy the tie -in.

What were we talking about? Ah yes, Hairy Bikers. Not only are they really enjoyable to watch, with lovely accents (what can I say, I’m a sucker for the North Eastern Male) and they appear to be people you wouldn’t mind going for a pint or four with. Not only is their food accessible, and tasty, and easy but, here’s the thing. You can actually find out how to cook things from watching the show! Exciting concept! And if, like me, you can’t absorb it all in time due to coming home from work or making kids tea, you can just get the recipes off the website, like – ta da! Even, in this new series, they go up against a local chef in a head to head contest – which I was sure was going to be fairly pony, if you want the truth, but even the cheffiest of recipes seemed achievable.

So, 30 days, 30 counties. Stunning British Food. I, for one, am very excited. I’m probably going to watch them all. And you know what, I’m going to buy The Hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain, even though I won’t have to.


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