Keith Meets Keith

Hello, Gastronauts!

I never watched this programme last night, in bed by 9 or so, I didn’t have the time or energy for Keith Allen, but I have always been fond of Keith Floyd’s work.  The first ‘celebrity chef’, a brilliant presenter who obviously cared about food and an amazing food writer. His series of ‘Floyd on America’ show how streets ahead in terms of talent and charisma of the Jamie Oliver’s of this world he was, even then. By the time I had settled down to watch it this afternoon, he was sadly dead.

keith floyd

It’s obvious from this show that I wasn’t his only fan – Keith Allen was obviously very keen to meet him and very admiring and the handful of cheffy talking heads that came on were, you know, very complimentary. I don’t think they had a great deal of interview given the amount of the amount of talking head clips and cooking clips and the Keith Allen shots to Camera – Keith A on a fake aeroplane, Keith A  in the back of a car, Keith A getting out of a car… and no surprise, really, given Keith Floyd’s ailing health. But the interview itself was a charm, at least to begin with. Keith Floyd was  funny, charismatic and fond of profanity (if you don’t like swearing, you probably might find this a bit.. abrasive) and then strangely later, a reconciliation with his daughter, whom he hadn’t seen for ten years. A strange scenario. And then worse, silence, and abuse round the lunch table. And sadness.

Still, Did the talking heads add? Well, I guess they did, if only to illustrate what esteem Keith Floyd was held in, and the warmth in which he was regarded.  The history of Keith’s career is not news to me – but no-one tells it quite like the man himself. No-one tells it quite like him effing and blinding in between Kronenburgs and Cigarettes either. Cancer, you say? Oh well, too late now.

I’m not so sure of the way he conducted his personal life, or the way he ran his restaurants. A lot has been said on the matter and this is certainly no place for comment. I still do cook from his books though, all the time. A food hero in my eyes. Rest in Peace, Keith.

Watch Keith on Keith here. 29 days and counting.


2 Responses to Keith Meets Keith

  1. JR says:


    I am very impressed with this blog set up. Was it difficult to go from Blogger to WordPress? Only reason I ask is because I am looking at starting my own food blog about where I work – The Stable Door in Old Welwyn, Herts. It will journal my work there from KP to cook of sorts, learning the ropes etc, plus all the little tips and stories you get working in a busy restuarant.

    I loved Floyd too.

    Your loyal and obiedient servant


    • Greedy Rosie says:

      No, WordPress isn’t a great deal more difficult – its just a case of getting used to it.
      Some of the stuff was a bit tougher (linking page tabs to categories as an instance), but theres a lot more support out there than there is on blogger.
      You can’t advertise on, and you can’t write your own html. Adding extra space costs money, as does the ability to post videos. Although I like the software much better than blogger, its probably still too limiting for what I’d like to do.

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