Fiery(?) Dan Dan Noodles

So I’ve been thinking about making this dish for a while now. I have a bit of a strange relationship with Jamie Oliver recipes. Sometimes they’re fantastic but sometimes they’re really just ok. The only trouble is, Jamie Oliver is so enthusiastic about everything, that its difficult to tell from the outset what is amazing and what is merely alright. Anyway, I was attracted because there didn’t seem to be too much prep and it would be quick. Also, I really want to cook more chinese food.

The only way that I changed from the original recipe is that I didn’t use four types of greens – I just bought a large bag of choi sum from my chinese grocer. It doesn’t quite look the same as in Jamie’s picture but I didn’t have a food stylist or photographer. I just had my iphone.

Anyway, it was perfectly edible. I’d probably use fresh chilli next time rather than the chilli oil, as I think 5 tablespoons is too much – it tasted more oily than it did spicy – causing Greedy Guest to ask ,’Did you say they were fiery?’. I might also consider using finely chopped lean steak  instead of the mince . But it’s a very easy recipe, and it is quick. It wouldn’t serve four adults with average appetite, more like 2 hungry people. It didn’t set my world alight. But it was nice. Fine for a wednesday night quick dinner anyway.


11 Responses to Fiery(?) Dan Dan Noodles

  1. Donkey Face says:

    How disappointing. That recipe was next on my list.

    His America book is good, but some of the recipes are obviously untested. For example, he recommeneds pre-heating an oven a few hours before it’s actually needed. And also instructs the reader to thinly carve a slow roasted beef rib into slices, that is impossible as the whole thing is too tender.

  2. encik raja says:

    “Jamie Oliver is so enthusiastic about everything, that its difficult to tell from the outset what is amazing and what is merely alright”

    Actually, almost all the celebrity chef are like that. They tend to exaggerate on almost every dish they made.

    I think, we should try to make one and taste it. Then we should know which one is good and which one is not 😀

  3. jeinsen says:

    surely the edge could tell you some of his signature dishes?

  4. Donkey Face says:

    Noodles aren’t really a signature dish. For noodle soup I just marinade some strips of beef in ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper, then boil it with vegetable stock (that boulon stuff) and veg. my favourite veg for it is water cress. I have that with the thin rice noodles, which are cooked separately. Fucking awesome.

  5. Donkey Face says:

    Alas I have no signature dish. But I’m doing a steak for a friend on Friday. How much meat do you think I should get if I’m cooking for 3? A search of the internet recommends 1/2 lb per person.

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