The Invisible Dinners

I have never been the faithful type when it comes to blogs, needing a muse to carry me through for consistent writing. I am like this in many areas of life, actually, piles of amazing books half read under the bed because another has taken my attention, email only friends long neglected for the immediate and easier IM and RL pleasures of life, grass is greenerism halfway through a course of study or 18 months in a job (its my last day tomorrow) and a gluttony for the opposite sex even greater than that of my gluttony for salty, fatty carbs. Its like adhd… you start doing the washing up, and ‘oooh, shiny!’ off you flit to do something else, soapy water long forgotten.

I haven’t even been cooking as much actually – 6 months of food blogging did my waistline no favours at all, and studying for professional exams eventually took over. Combine with work stress, and a bout of horrible depression and there you have it, no reason at all not to eat beans on toast every single night. While I’ve been gone I’ve eaten in Croatia, St Ives and in Amsterdam and in a couple of Michelin starred joints, I’ve eaten my way through the full range of M&S meals, and now due to these excesses have taken to thrifty pasta dishes and taking leftovers to work for lunch. They’ve been great, actually, I have a knack for leftovers it seems.

But almost a year after starting this blog, its time to start again. I’ve been listening to the strangely addictive Julie & Julia on audiobook this week and it has reminded me how much I’ve missed the cooking and the writing and the eating. A story about a woman approaching thirty who decides to cook all of the recipes in Julia Child’s ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ (no mean feat)  and blog about it. It became a film last year I think which I never saw, but it was made by Nora Ephron, whose work depresses me a little (Its not all ‘When Harry met Sally’, you know) – so I may never watch it. I’ve been writing on another site with my friend Edgie, where I’ve been trying to write about thrifty living. Its ok, but the words seem to flow better when I’m talking about Michelin stars.


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