Keith Meets Keith

Hello, Gastronauts!

I never watched this programme last night, in bed by 9 or so, I didn’t have the time or energy for Keith Allen, but I have always been fond of Keith Floyd’s work.  The first ‘celebrity chef’, a brilliant presenter who obviously cared about food and an amazing food writer. His series of ‘Floyd on America’ show how streets ahead in terms of talent and charisma of the Jamie Oliver’s of this world he was, even then. By the time I had settled down to watch it this afternoon, he was sadly dead.

keith floyd

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Jamie Oliver’s American Roadtrip

Jamie Oliver. There’s a complex case for you. For me, anyway, for as much as I know, Reader, your views on Saint Jamie of Essex may be as polarised as mine are on.. avocado. I just don’t know anymore whether I love him or complely loathe him. For every animal welfare campaign (good)  there is a nauseating Sainsburies ad (bad). For every working parent he teaches basic, healthy cooking to (good) there is a ‘flavour shaker’ (bad). For every brilliant, tasty recipe he has ever presented to us in a book, there is a recipe for a bacon sandwich, or pages and pages of photographs of Jamie. Usually, standing with his arms crossed against a wall. With graffiti on it. Cos he is down with the kids, a’ight?

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