Byron Bay Cookies

This is a product review. I didn’t buy these cookies, but I was offered no incentive – if that matters – to review them. Just so you know. (If any PR companies are reading this, I would much prefer incentives, so stick a couple of crisp tenners in the post and it’s guaranteed I will, at the very least, taste your stuff) 😉

Anyway, cookies. I am not the biscuit eater in my household. While I do have a thing for dark chocolate digestives, I don’t have the sweetest tooth. Greedy son and Mr Greedy on the other hand love biscuits and cookies so this wasn’t exactly going to be a challenge. Plus, my biscuit making attempts in the past haven’t been amazing, so I thought I’d give them a treat. We tried a range of cookies – Dotty (a kids cookie with chunks of milk chocolate and smarties on the top), Sticky Date, Walnut and Ginger,White Chocolate and Macadamia (pictured – my favourite by far), Triple Chocolate Fudge and Strawberries and Clotted Cream. Rather like the orange and strawberry creams in a box of Quality Street, the strawberry ones took the longest to go in our household, but if fruit in your cookies it is the sort of thing you like, they are creamy and light and undeniably strawberry-ish and not a bad cookie at all. Apparently they’re incredibly popular so I’m willing to accept my tastebuds are on the wonk (a bit). We had a mixture of gluten free and ‘normal’ biscuits and although I noticed that the gluten-free ones were slightly crumblier than the others, a bit sandy maybe, there wasn’t a great deal of difference in them.

The best thing about these biscuits are the generous chunks in them – especially the chocolate ones, and that they’re not too sweet. They’re made with free range eggs, which is really good and obviously made of very good quality ingredients. No trans-fats and no weird ingredients. As you might expect from a luxury biscuit, they are fairly high in calories, which slowed down even my consumption (I KNOW!), however in comparison to every other tea time treat, the difference is negligible.

If you’d like to find out more about these lovely cookies, you can have a look at the Byron Bay Cookies website here.